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Disposable Paper Dust Bags

Floor sander disposable paper dust bags are the most efficient, convenient, cost effective and safest methods for the collection and disposal of dust created during the floor sanding process. Designed and introduced to the world market by Hiretech, each disposable paper bag is made from recycled material and is the environmentally friendly way to manage wood dust.


For the tool hire and rental store operator, machines are returned clean without a cloth bag partly filled with dust. This reduces the time required to service the floor sander and reduces the health and safety risk to employees. The disposable paper dust bag also provides additional income to the store, while eliminating the service cost of replacing or repairing a cloth bag.

Floor Sander Abrasives

Hiretech floor sander abrasives are a high-quality range of silicon carbide coated abrasive designed for optimal performance with all Hiretech floor sanders. Made from a combination of the finest materials performance is guaranteed, with excellent wear characteristics, consistent stock removal and fine score free sanding across all floor types.


All Hiretech abrasives are packed in high quality cartons to keep the abrasives in perfect condition and to provide a merchandising container where needed. Clear labelling identifies each type and grit for easy selection and stock management.

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