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With over 60 years' experience of serving tool hire and rental, contractor, professional flooring and decorating markets Hiretech are a world leader in the design and manufacture of floor sanders and steam wallpaper strippers.


Starting out as a tool hire (rental) business in March 1955, opening the first store of its kind in the United Kingdom, the business grew to encompass the distribution of a wide range of products to the tool hire market in the UK. In 1974 Hiretech began the manufacture of floor sanders for the hire and rental markets worldwide. Both the tool hire and manufacturing operations grew through the 1980's with the opening of Hiretech Hire Centres in Sainsbury's Homebase DIY stores in the UK and the design and manufacture of the first modern steam wallpaper stripper.


Today, more than 60 years after its founding, Hiretech is committed to delivering technologies, products and services that customers and partners can build on and grow with. Through constant innovation, Hiretech is pushing the boundaries of product design, improving user experience and adding value to its markets worldwide.


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